Ballers, who will be crowned King of the Streets at StreetKings 2024?

Before we reach the epic showdown of the FINALS, don’t miss the intense clash of the FINAL 4!

Here are your final 4 teams:

Team YDM
Streetkings SEA Online Leg 1 Champion

Team The Fakerist
Streetkings Cavite Champion

Team Wild Kittens
Streetkings SEA Online Leg 2 Champion

Team Diablo
Streetkings Iloilo Champion

Final 4 schedule: 
Date: August 4, 2024
Time: 5:00 PM (GMT+8)
Watch the live-action at the StreetBallers SEA by PlayPark‘s Page

Match system:   
Eliminations Round robin type

1. There will be 2 brackets for the matches:
– Winners Bracket
– Losers Bracket
2. Teams will be shuffled 10x to be able to determine  the team matching
3. Tournament accounts will be used during the tournament
4. The StreetBallers team will provide the tournament accounts and trial cards will be used
5. All players must use mobile phones, emulators are strictly prohibited and will be disqualified
6. Banning system will be implemented

1. Players disconnected during the match due to Internet connection and loading issues should inform the SB Committee immediately.
2. Match re-make will only apply if the players disconnect during the 25-second mark.
3. If the player mistakenly chose the wrong player for his team due to lag, bug, or intermittent connection, the game will be restarted/reset from the start.  After the game reset, the players will have the same line-up except for the player who declared the issue.
3. The SB Committee has the right to cancel any matches for any unfair matching due to internet connection issues.

1. All players must declare the phone/unit that will be used 2 days before the actual tournament. Non-declaration of phone unit will considered lose 1 match point.
2. All players will be invited to join the group call (Google Meet or Discord) for phone checking and final preparation for the tournament 30 minutes before the match. No video/webcam of the player will be considered lose 1 match point.

All competitive rules indicated above must be strictly followed, and teams can be disqualified if found guilty, even if they have already been declared winners of the tournament. The SB team reserves the right to change or revise the rules as they deem fit and fair for all players.

Bracket Format:


Php 20,000 cash
PPAS Streetkings Champion Trophy
PPAS Streetkings Champion Jacket
Streetkings Playpark Finals Jersey
SSR of Choice each team member
5,000 diamonds per team member
500,000 Gold coins per team member
100 Rune tickets per team member

Php 5,000 Cash
Streetkings Playpark Finals Jersey
SR of Choice each team member
3,000 diamonds per team member
200,000 Gold coins per team member
50 Rune tickets per team member

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