Maayong adlaw, mga Comrades!

Imagine our surprise to see almost a hundred players pack the Wimax Internet Café to witness the AF Playpark All Stars CDO Leg!

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Inside and out was packed with players and fans, and the number of registered teams exceeded our expectations! Cheers!


Because of the excess number of registered teams, the ones who were not able to make it to the scheduled 16 teams for the tournament joined our King of the Hill side event. And due to insistent public demand, we had to do two rounds of the King of the Hill! Congratulations to [M]arkeyVilarde and Admiral for winning our King of the Hill side events and for bringing home Php1,000 each plus in-game items!

The AF ProTour proper saw some familiar faces, including our previous AF Pro tour Champions, Team Zennich Game Zone. They arrived together with their second team Zennich 2. These two teams were surprised to see the final tournament bracket after the shuffling.

Having to face each other so early during the 1st elimination, Zennich Game Zone won with a score of 9 to 5.


From the 2nd elims to the Semifinals a lot of teams caught our attention for having displayed very good coordination with their team members! And we just have to name them: Amber Pacific, Scuba*de*Oro, Aftershock, Team High Five, Unknowned Cdeo and of course Team Zennich Game Zone. The skills they displayed that day made them the teams to watch!

The FINALS came down to two teams, Team Amber Pacific and Team Zennich Game Zone, and it’s safe to say it was the most thrilling finals match we have seen in the Playpark All-Stars so far!


af5Team Amber Pacific. Jesieric C. Antonio (Shoot), Marlov Jay V. Quijano (Imickey), Jason Lloyd E. Waban (DreamCatcher), Hubert Cababaros (4FFLicTioN)
and Edmar Q. Sunga (SUPAMIDA)

af6Team Zennich Game Zone. Left to Right: Al R. Gisillena/Optical Death(Sniper), Jhun-Jhun Dadole/Fright (Team Capt./SMG), Ryan B. Ello/H4PPY(SMG), Clyde Q. Gader/Sambalicous(SMG) and Japhet M. Gamao(SMG)

The battle was so close that we could not even predict the outcome of each round. Amber Pacific surprised the crowd by showing great technical skills, strategy and coordination. Whenever Team Zennich shot a point, they made sure to fire a shot back. But Team Zennich Game Zone, being a seasoned team in this tournament, still held their ground. Ultimately, it was Team Zennich Game Zone’s teamwork that would win them the finals and the CDO representative crown.

Congratulations again to our winners:


af7Champion CDO Leg: Team Zennich Game Zone
Prize: 5000 PHP and a slot to the semi finals plus in-game items

af81st Runner Up CDO Leg: Amber Pacific
Prize: 2000 PHP plus in-game items.

We’d like to say our deepest thanks to everyone who participated and supported us on this event!

DAVAO, you are next!

Tsada, Cagayan De Oro!