Event Overview

The PlayPark All-Stars 2024: Nevareth Siege Battle is a thrilling clash of champions, where the best rise to claim supremacy. From bustling city centers to remote battlegrounds, warriors converge for a showdown that transcends mere competition. Brace yourselves for epic battles, strategic maneuvers, and unyielding spirit.


CEBU Apr 20

Tournament Format: 

Veto banning using tournament accounts

  • Championship (Top 2 Teams)
    • Best of 5 matches
  • Final 8
    • Champion of each tournament leg locations (Makati, Cebu, Dasma Cavite, Baguio, Davao, Iloilo, WildCard North & WildCard South
    • Single elimination
    • Best of 3 matches
  • Leg Tournament
    • Single elimination
    • Best of 1 match

Team Size:  

5v5 (up to 2 substitute)


All Qualifiers and Leg matches will take place in Saint Island within the Lakeside Map
Wildcard Round matches onwards will be played on Arcane Trace.


  • On-ground Registration
    • Purchase Door Prize (500 PHP – CASH ONLY)
    • Register Teams – First Come First Served (Min of 4 teams maximum of 32 teams)
    • There will be no tournament if we only have 3 teams registered
  • Prerequisites for Participation:
    • must be at least 18 years old
    • must have a valid ID (with signature)

Rules and Regulations:

  • Appeals and concerns will be reviewed by the Tournament Committee.
  • Team captains are responsible for promptly addressing any issues that may arise during the tournament and ensuring that these concerns are effectively communicated to the designated tournament marshal..
  • Post-tournament concerns will not be entertained.
  • Participants must agree to abide by Cabal Franchise Team and PlayPark Tournament Committee rules.
  • Media materials may be recorded, used, and distributed by PlayPark and affiliates.
  • Tournament facilitators will manage instances of foul play, issue warnings, and make final decisions regarding the proceedings.
  • Any disruptions to the match necessitate the intervention of the Tournament Marshal.
  • Participants are required to demonstrate respectful and sportsmanlike behavior at all times.
  • Item rewards are Account/Character-bound unless declared tradable.
  • Engaging in unruly conduct will result in immediate disqualification..
  • Individuals who are employees, suppliers, or service providers of PlayPark, as well as their relatives up to the second degree of consanguinity, are ineligible for participation.
  • PlayPark reserves the right to withhold prizes from disqualified teams.
  • The decisions made by Tournament Marshals and the Tournament Committee are considered conclusive and are not subject to further review or appeal. 

Match Flow:

  • Team captains will undergo an orientation for the guidelines and procedures, and will subsequently disseminate this information to their respective teams.
  • There will be a coin toss to determine what platform will be used first.
    • Procyon: Top Bracket
    • Capella: Bottom Bracket
  • All characters to be used will be pre-generated.
  • A VETO-Ban will be implemented for the start of each round
  • During the match, there will be a toss of the coin as to who will choose the VETO-Banning:
    • Ban-First (Both teams will Ban a class first, then pick until they get their 5-character-class line-up.)
    • Pick-First (Both teams will Pick a class first, then ban until they get their 5-character-class line-up.)
  • Only players on the Match List are allowed in the area.
  • The GM will announce the teams for each match and issue commands (READY, BUFF UP, FIGHT) to indicate the progression of the match.


    1. CHAMPION:
      • 150,000 CASH
      • 60 Days Master Pallad Armor Set
      • 60 Days Event Title (The Conqueror)
    2. 1st Runner Up:
      • 30,000 CASH
      • 30 Days Master Pallad Armor Set
      • 30 Days Event Title (The Conqueror)
    3. 2nd Runner Up:
      • 15,000 CASH
      • 15 Days Master Pallad Armor Set
      • 15 Days Event Title (The Conqueror)
    4. 3rd Runner Up:
      • 5,000 CASH
      • 7 Days Master Pallad Armor Set
      • 7 Days Event Title (The Conqueror)
    5. Per Location Rewards:
      • Champion
        • up to 50,000* CASH
          *cash prize value will depend on number of participating teams
          • 50,000 cash prize for 16 to 32 participating teams per location
          • 25,000 cash prize for 8 to 15 participating teams per location

          **no cash prize if number of participating teams reached to 7 and below
        • 5 Billion Alz per team member
      • 1st Runner Up
        • 1 Billion Alz per team member
      • Consolation
        • Platinum Wing 30 Days
        • Silver Wing 30 Days
        • Superior 30 Days
        • Plus 30 Days

Tournament Schedules


SM Makati Battle Arena
Makati City
Apr 6, 2024

Cebu Leg

Arsenal Cyber Cafe
Kalubihan, Cebu City
Apr 20, 2024

GenSan Leg

NCGC Esports HQ
General Santos City
Apr 26, 2024

Cavite Leg

TNC Premium Cafe
Dasmariñas City
May 11, 2024

Baguio Leg

Nostrax Cyber Cafe
Baguio City
May 25, 2024

Davao Leg

Flynn Online Gaming
Davao City
June 8, 2024

Zamboanga Leg

RMR DOT NET Internet Cafe
Zamboanga City
June 8, 2024

Laguna Leg

Kadiliman Internet Cafe
June 22, 2024

Iloilo Leg

Location: TBA
Iloilo City
June 22, 2024


Location: Clique Gaming Choa Chu Kang, Singapore
June 15-16, 2024

North Wild Card

Date: TBA

South Wild Card

Location: TBA
Date: TBA

Final 8 Match

Location: TBA
Date: TBA

Final 4 Match

Location: TBA
Date: TBA