Tournament Schedule:
Event Date:
Attendance Registration :
Start of Tournament:


  • All team captains must submit at least one clear, scanned, back-to-back photocopy of all of the team members’ valid picture IDs, including one reserve player (if applicable) to This is for identity verification purposes. The subject of the e-mail should be “[AF] Playpark All Stars 2015 Semi Finals – Team Name”. All the aforementioned requirements must be submitted on or before July 15, 2015 (12 Noon). Otherwise, participants will not be allowed to participate in the tournament.
    • Note: ALL TEAM MEMBERS are required to submit the requirements stated above. Otherwise, the team member who failed to submit the complete requirements will not be allowed to participate in the tournament. 
  • A single team will be allowed to have one reserve player provided that:
    • The reserve player’s clear scanned back-to-back VALID ID has been submitted together with the other members’ requirements at on or before July 15, 2015 (12 Noon).
    • The reserve player must bring his/her valid id at the event venue for identity verification purposes.
    • The reserve player has been registered for attendance at the venue on or before 12:00NN, July 19, 2015.
    • The reserve player is not an original member of other participating teams in the AF semi-finals online tournament.
    • The reserve player is only allowed to play for one participating team in the AF semi-finals online tournament.
    • The reserve player is not an employee of Asiasoft and its subsidiaries, including members of the immediate family of any such persons. The term “immediate family” includes spouses, siblings, parents, children, grandparents, and grandchildren, whether as “in-laws,” or by current or past marriage(s), remarriage(s), adoption, co-habitation or other family extension, and any other persons residing at the same household whether or not related.
    • Note:Failure to meet the conditions stated above will prevent your reserve player from participating in the event and may result to the disqualification of the whole team as dictated by the severity of the case.
  • All semi-finalists will be sent an e-mail informing them of the address of the venue and the contact details of the assigned tournament marshal in the area.
  • Teams are required to coordinate with the Playpark Regional game marshal in-charge of the event, for any updates of the semi-finals.
  • All participants must register for attendance and present their VALID IDs (for identity verification purposes) at the event venue on or before 12:00NN, July 19, 2015 (Sunday). Failure to do so will prevent your team from participating in the tournament.
  • Please be on time, late teams will be sanctioned to penalties imposed by the game marshal. The penalty could be one of the following:
    • Disqualification from the tournament
    • 1-game penalty for the team (1 loss)
  • A single team must be composed of 5 members; one member should be the team captain to represent the team. A team with less than 5 members will not be allowed to participate in the semi-finals online tournament.


Tournament Mechanics:

  • Round 1
    • Teams will play against each other inside their respective brackets to determine who will advance and represent their region.
    •  Brackets with 3 teams will have a round robin knock-out match, where every team will play against each other, until the top 2 teams emerge on top. In case of a tie, the scoring will be tabulated. This will be done until the top 2 teams remain, and the winner from those 2 teams advances to round 2.
  • Round 2
    • Slots (Luzon, NCR, Visayas, Mindanao) would then be shuffled via challenge two times to determine who will play against who.
  • Round 3
    • Winners of Round 2 will get the entry to the 2015 AF Playpark All Stars Finals plus in-game items.
    • Each game will have a maximum of 8 rounds. Once all 8 rounds are finished, sides will switch until the race to 9 is reached.
    • Example A:
      •  Team JBlaze vs Team Erziel. During the First Half, Team JBlaze (GSD) scored 5, Team Erziel (Resistance) scored 3 (notice that 8 rounds were played).
      •  For the Second Half, teams would now switch sides, Team JBlaze will now be using (Resistance) and Team Erziel will use (GSD). Team JBlaze needs to score 4 points to get the win, while Team Erziel needs to get 6 points to win.
      •  Remember guys, this is RACE to 9, so when Team JBlaze got the 4 rounds, it secured the win in his favor.
    •  Example B:
      •  During the First half, Team JBlaze got 0 while team Erziel scored 8 (notice that 8 rounds again were played)
      •  For the Second Half, teams would now switch sides. Team JBlaze needs to score all the remaining 9 rounds to win, while Team Erziel needs to score just 1 to get the victory.
      •  With Team Erziel scoring 1 point to reach 9, her team wins (Race to 9, remember?)



  • The maps will be used for the tournament are Factory No. 13, Train and Prison.
  • The map and team color or side will be decided via toss coin; 1 toss coin for the map and 1 toss coin for the side.
  • Only at the 2015 Playpark All Stars Finals Round will we have a Race to 3 games match.
  • Once a game starts, the first round will always be a Dead Round (DR) so that players will be able to load the map and the game properly; second rounds will always be the indicator of the match start.



  • Once the team’s line-up has been registered, it can no longer be changed.
  • Players will be required to use their personal accounts during the tournament.
  • Engaging in any behavior that is unsportsmanlike and includes excessive profanity or violence against property or individuals including the marshals is not allowed and will be sanctioned with a disqualification on the player.
  • Players who argue with or fail to follow the instructions of the Tournament officials are subject to the appropriate penalties as dictated by the severity of the case.
  • Participants must follow the rules interpretations and guidelines set forth by the Tournament Committee, the Tournament Director, the head judge, and other tournament officials.
  • The decision of the Referees, Game Masters, Game Marshall and Tournament Director IS FINAL.
  • Some rules are subject to change without prior notice by the tournament officials.
  • In case of disconnection inside the game, the players will be asked to reconnect as long as the game allows it. If the disconnection happens and a kill has already taken place, the game will continue, and the score after that round will be accepted. If no kills happened before the DC, and the player wasn’t able to reconnect, then the round will be restarted.



  • Teams must designate a Team Captain who will handle all decisions for the team. Marshalls will consider decisions made by the team captain as final for the entire team.
  • Teams must be present at the tournament area 15 minutes before their match.
  • Setup period before the actual match is 5 MINUTES ONLY (Including mouse and keyboard replacement).
  • Players who are unable to finish setting up within this period must begin playing with whatever configuration and character setup they are left with. No time extension and special considerations for the setup will be given.
  • Substitutions are not allowed once game has started.


Disqualification Rules:

  • If a team does not show up within the 5 minute grace period for their scheduled match, the team will be forfeit and the complete team will win.
  • Players are expected to behave in a respectful and sportsmanlike manner at all times. Teams/members of the team exhibiting unruly conduct will be disqualified, handing the opposing team the match. Trash-talk will be allowed but to a limited extent only; excessive profanities may result in disqualification of a single member or the whole team as it may be treated as unsportsmanlike conduct.
  • If two (2) or more members fail to arrive at the venue for their scheduled match, the present complete team will be declared as the automatic winner.
  • Intentional disconnection (ALT F4/Manual DC) will lead to the forfeiture of the match.
  • Players are not allowed to abandon their terminals without the marshal’s approval. Teams with at least one (1) member who abandoned their terminal without the marshal’s approval will be disqualified and are not eligible to claim any prizes from the tournament.
  • Employees, suppliers and service providers of PlayPark and their relatives up to the second degree of consanguinity are disqualified from joining any stage, including the finals, of any PlayPark AllStars and any of its sub-tournaments. This also includes the use of characters they own and accounts they maintain.
  • PlayPark has the right to hold and not give all prizes of disqualified teams.
  • The decision of the Referees, Game Masters, and tournament officials is FINAL.


PlayPark All Stars Semi-Final Prizes

  • Winners (Top 2 teams)
    • Slot for the AF Playpark All Stars Championship on August 01, 2015
    • 7-Days Nate and Bandit Avatar
  • Consolation Prize
    • 3-Days Nate and Bandit Avatar
    • Note: Prizes will be inserted 3-7 working days after event date.