Tournament Schedule:
Event Date:
Attendance Registration :
Start of Tournament:


  • All team captains must submit a CLEAR scanned back-to-back copy of all of the members’ VALID ID to for identity verification purposes. Subject of e-mail should be “[AU] Playpark All Stars 2015 Semi Finals – Team Name”. All the aforementioned requirements should be submitted on or before July 12, 2015 otherwise, participants will not be allowed to participate in the tournament.
  • All semi-finalists will be sent an e-mail informing them of the address of the venue and the contact details of the assigned tournament marshal in the area.
  • Teams are required to coordinate with the Playpark Regional game marshal in-charge of the event, for any updates of the semi-finals.
  • All participants must register for attendance and present their VALID IDs (for identity verification purposes) at the event venue on or before 12:00NN, (EVENT DATE).
  • Please be on time, late teams will be sanctioned to penalties imposed by the game marshal. The penalty could be one of the following:
    • Disqualification on the tournament
    • 1-game penalty for the team (1 automatic loss)
  • A single team must be composed of 3 members; one member should be the team captain to represent the team. A team with less than 3 members will not be allowed to participate in the online semi-finals tournament. Once registered, the line up cannot be changed.
  • If any of the participants does not present himself/herself for the battle once called by the facilitator, the team is automatically disqualified.



  • Teams must designate a Team Captain who will handle all decisions for the team. Field Marshals will consider decisions made by the team captain as final for the entire team.
  • Substitutions are not allowed.


Tournament Mechanics:

  • Each team will be facing off with another team from the participants pool in two phases – Eliminations, and Finals.
  • Order of matches is displayed on the tournament tree below.


  • The winning FAMs will move on to the next round until the 2 Finalists remain.
  • When a team is called for their match and they are absent or incomplete, they have five minutes grace period before they are disqualified and points given to the opposing team.
  • A group leader will be assigned to carry out the Tournament Official’s instructions, particularly in creating the Room Number, Room Name, Game Mode and the songs to be played.
  • In the Eliminations, each of the FAMs will face off in a single elimination battle. There will be three rounds per battle. The winner will be determined by the FAM who wins two (2) out of the three (3) rounds.
    • For the NCR bracket, teams will be using a round robin format. Each team will receive a team number. This will be randomly drawn on the day of the Semi Finals.
    • The first team to get 2 wins will move on to the next round.
    • Matches will follow the race to 2 format of the Eliminations. To get 1 win, a team must get 2 wins over their opponent in the race to 2 match.
    • Order of matches will be as follows:
      • Round 1 – Manila vs Pasay
      • Round 2 – Pasay vs Q.C.
      • Round 3 – Q.C. vs Manila
    • In case of a tie, winning team will be based on the Team Score (Based on GM’s screen) to be recorded by the Game Marshal.
  • The mode to be used for the eliminations is as follows:
    • FAM Battle Mode
    • Choreography – C8
    • 120-140 BPM
    • Ace Battle
    • Chance Off
  • In the FINALS match, the finalists will face off in five (5) rounds. The first team to win three rounds will be the winner. In the Finals Match, where only the top two (2) FAMs remain, the mode will be as follows:
    • FAM Battle Mode
    • Choreography – C8
    • 140~ BPM
    • Ace Battle
    • Chance On – Double Chance Level 1
  • Final 2 teams from the Semi Finals matches will face off in the PlayPark All Stars Audition FAM Face Off Championship.
  • Technical issues encountered during the event will be assessed by the Field Marshal(s). Only major technical problems will merit game suspension and/or restart at the discretion of the Field Marshal.
  • Players who argue with or fail to follow the instructions of the Tournament Director, head judge or other tournament officials are subject to the appropriate penalties as dictated by the severity of the case.
  • Playpark Inc. and/or officials of the event shall reserve the right to suspend or ban a player or clan without prior notice for any reason deemed necessary.
  • Participants must follow the rules interpretations and guidelines set forth by the Tournament officials. The decision of the Referees, Game Masters, and tournament officials IS FINAL. Judges decision is final.
  • Players caught cheating or behaving inappropriately will be penalized as the judges deem fit.



  • Once the team’s line-up has been registered, it can no longer be changed.
  • Engaging in any behavior that is unsportsmanlike and includes excessive profanity or violence against property or individuals including the marshals is not allowed and will be sanctioned with a disqualification on the player.
  • Players who argue with or fail to follow the instructions of the Tournament officials are subject to the appropriate penalties as dictated by the severity of the case.
  • Participants must follow the rules interpretations and guidelines set forth by the Tournament Committee, the Tournament Director, the head judge, and other tournament officials.
  • The decision of the Referees, Game Masters, Game Marshall and Tournament Director IS FINAL.
  • Some rules are subject to change without prior notice by the tournament officials.


Disqualification Rules:

  • If a team does not show up within the 5 minute grace period for their scheduled match, the team will be forfeit and the complete team will win.
  • Players are expected to behave in a respectful and sportsmanlike manner at all times. Teams/members of the team exhibiting unruly conduct will be disqualified, handing the opposing team the match. Trash-talk will be allowed but to a limited extent only; excessive profanities may result in disqualification of a single member or the whole team as it may be treated as unsportsmanlike conduct.
  • If two (2) or more members fail to arrive at the venue for their scheduled match, the present complete team will be declared as the automatic winner.
  • Intentional disconnection (ALT F4/Manual DC) will lead to the forfeiture of the match.
  • Players are not allowed to abandon their terminals without the marshal’s approval. Teams with at least one (1) member who abandoned their terminal without the marshal’s approval will be disqualified and are not eligible to claim any prizes from the tournament.
  • Employees, suppliers and service providers of PlayPark and their relatives up to the second degree of consanguinity are disqualified from joining any stage, including the finals, of any PlayPark AllStars and any of its sub-tournaments. This also includes the use of characters they own and accounts they maintain.
  • PlayPark has the right to hold and not give all prizes of disqualified teams.
  • The decision of the Referees, Game Masters, and tournament officials is FINAL.


PlayPark All Stars Semi-Final Prizes

  • Winners
    • Indefinite Unreleased Accessory (Pink Kiss Cushion)
    • Indefinite Unreleased Set (Yheen’s Casual Style (M) or Faith’s Fashionista Style (F))
  • Participation:
    • 30D Bundle Vouchers (containing Set + Wings + Accessory + Pet)