Audition Next Level and Club Audition M go to General Santos City for the 3rd Qualifier of their PPAS 2024: Audition Philippine Championship.

Audistas and Clubbers danced to the groove and battled it out last April 27 for the coveted PlayPark All-Stars 2024 GenSan Representative slot. Who won the dance-off and crushed the beat? Let’s find out.

PlayPark All-Stars 2024 Audition Philippine Qualifier Gensan: Audition Next Level

After an intense dance-off, Audition Next Level crowned their 3v3 and 1v1 champions and their representatives for the 3rd Qualifier: GenSan Leg. Team Shibuya took the crown for the 3v3 category and will be moving forward in their year’s series, while Tyron was the king of the hill and bagged the Individual Category championship.

PlayPark All-Stars 2024 Audition Philippine Qualifier Gensan: Club Audition M

While Club Audition M only held a 1v1 tournament for their 3rd Qualifier, the players delivered games that were worth watching and left those who were at the venue in awe. With an amazing performance, Club Audition M’s crowned Individual Category Champion representative Sheen took out her rivals and proved that she deserved the spot after a dance-off with Dwryue in the finals.

How will the newly crowned GenSan Champions fare against the rest of the crowned representatives? Let’s find out as they take the next step to PlayPark All-Stars 2024: Return To Glory in Cavite!

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