PlayPark All-Stars 2024: Baguio Qualifier Highlights

The PlayPark All-Stars 2024 Baguio Qualifier at Nostrax Cyber Cafe Baguio was an epic gathering of top gamers. Here are the highlights from the intense competitions in Perfect World: Dynasty Wars, Cabal M: Heroes of Nevareth, Audition Next Level, and Club Audition Mobile.

Perfect World: Dynasty Wars

In the Dynasty Wars, teams went head-to-head in some seriously intense battles. With strategic moves and epic hero plays, the matches kept everyone on their toes. The winning team showed off some amazing skills!

Cabal M: Heroes of Nevareth – Nevareth Siege Battle

The Nevareth Siege Battle had guilds clashing in epic fights for territory control. The action was nonstop, with players showing off their combat skills and teamwork. The victorious guild not only earned major bragging rights but also advanced to the next stage.

Audition Next Level and Club Audition Mobile

The dance competitions in Audition Next Level and Club Audition Mobile were on fire! Contestants brought their best moves to the dance floor. The Audition Next Level Philippine Championship featured top-notch board smashing dancers, while Club Audition Mobile highlighted some impressive talents from mobile gamers.

The action continues to heat up as PlayPark All-Stars 2024 continues its quest to find more ALL-STARS in the next leg of the journey. PlayPark gamers of Davao, are you ready to answer the challenge for glory? Warm up and prepare for intense battles, because PlayPark All-Stars 2024 is heading to Flynn Online Gaming, Davao! See you there!

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