Take the first step to becoming future e-Sports stars by registering online for the Playpark All-Stars in Davao!

On May 23, Davao will become host to the regional tournaments of RAN, Cabal, Audition, Perfect World and Assault Fire, and you can get a head-start in participating in them via online registration.

A few notes about registering online:

  • We will be accepting a maximum of 16 teams per game.
  • Wait for an email response from the registration system to confirm that you have a slot.
  • Make sure all information you’ve submitted is valid and correct.
  • Don’t be late! Online registrants still need to come to the venue by 10:00AM or earlier to confirm their registration. If an online registered team is late, their slot will be given to the next available team that’s already at the venue.

To register for a tournament, click on the appropriate link for the registration form:

Perfect World PH Dynasty Wars 2015 Registration

Audition FAM Face Off 2015 Registration

Cabal 7v7 Carnage 2015 Registration

Assault Fire Pro Tour 2015 Registration

RAN Online RANbulan 2015 Registration

Register today and see you on May 23 at BoyzTrek I-Cafe in Davao City for the Playpark All-Stars!

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