The Special Force 2 World Championship 2017 was set on December 2, 2017 in CentralWorld Mall in Bangkok, Thailand. Team Philippines Essence came in prepared and excited – with the support of Team Philippines Wagas Pikakz and Team Southeast Asia – SST.INTEL. The best teams from Japan, Korea, Thailand, and Philippines were joined by a specially organized team of veteran Special Force players.

 After a year of tournaments, Team Philippines Wagas Pikakz finally meet up with Team Southeast Asia SST.iNTEL. The line up is completed by Team Philippines Essence.

The Special Force World Championship 2017 weekend kicked off at Central World Mall in Bangkok, Thailand last Saturday, December 2, 2017. Witness by a crowd of locals, Special Force 2 teams first went to battle. The opening ceremony included the presentation of all the participating teams featuring their team captains.

Before getting the tournament started, the teams tested the gears available. Here, Team Philippines Essence is shown waiting for their turn at the tournament PC area.

The casters, including the renown GM Teng, prepped for the live stream of the matches for the fans all-over the globe to enjoy.

Teams left all the competitiveness in-game and took some time to post for photos. GM Ekim and Quick from Team Japan DLPN spared were all smiles behind the scenes. The rest of Team Japan DLPN posed for a candid photo too.

Relive the excitement of the Special Force 2 World Championship 2017 on the Special Force 2 Youtube Channel.