The tournament excitement from the Special Force World Championship 2017 might be over. That only marked the beginning of the fun around the famous sights and a sampling of the delicious food of Thailand.

The first stop in this tour around Thailand was the famous Floating Market. Team Philippines sat in boats which took them around the Floating Market to take in the sights and bring them to the different attractions in the Floating Market.

The Floating Market features local products proudly made in Thailand. This includes a whole assortment of goods from clothes, bags, accessories, to snacks of different kinds. Tourists could even stop for a short petting of exotic tropical animals.

Tourists could also sample the local cuisine. Vendors were grilling sea food and an assortment of meat products on their own boats moving from boat-to-boat. Team Philippines took an interest in the sweets peddled by the vendors which included coconut ice cream with sweet rice.

After a tour of the shops along the Floating Market ride, the teams first stopped at a beautiful temple which provided the perfect opportunity for a group photo and the teams even got whacky with their poses.

The last stop in the Floating Market expedition was the Elephant Ride. The majestic creatures brought the teams around an isolated forest. The Elephant Ride even included a dip in a small pond.

The fun was just getting started at the Floating Market. Afterwards, the teams went to an ancient temple, a thousand-year-old tree housing a temple and a petting zoo.

Lunch soon followed to sample the local cuisine.

Dinner was a team affair with all three teams present for a thanksgiving.

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