Distance didn’t stop our players from heading to Pasay City for the 11th leg of the RANbulan 2015 Regionals. Not even the rains stopped the players who came all the way from Cavite, Pampanga, and even Tarlac to head down to In D Corner Café in their quest to win the regional crown!


8 teams registered for this RANbulan leg, and they’re not your ordinary RAN teams. Most of them are from some of the most popular guilds inside RAN, which meant that we were going to see some incredible tournament action!

And see it we did! The finals came down to Team RAKUZAN and Team TIMAWA, whose members are considered celebrities in RAN Online. After a fierce battle, it was Team RAKUZAN who emerged the winner, defeating TIMAWA to become RANbulan 2015 Pasay Leg champion!

Being the good sports that they are, Team Timawa even gamely shared a pic with the Pasay leg champions, proving that friendship is magic in RAN Online.