The Assault Fire ProTour in Pasay sizzled amidst the torrent of rain as players battled for the Pasay Representative crown!

A lot of players braved the bad weather to participate in the Playpark All-Stars event of Assault Fire. And it’s not just their number that’s impressive…their skills were definitely on the “imba” side, which resulted in some truly spectacular matches!

The finals came down to Team GGWP and Team Cross Finger, and we were proud to witness such a display of skill and coordination. But while Team Cross Finger gave it every ounce of skill they had, their opponent was the better team that day, and so Team GGWP won 2 games out of 3 to become AF’s Pasay Representative!

1st runner up Team Cross Finger


Left to Right: Xander Cee [XanderCiien] (AK12 and AWM-T), JM Mata iKiLLeR1212 (AK12), Clark C. Balongag *Bentot* (AK12), Macoyzkie Tongco [OneClick-*] (AK12), John Michael T. Oebanda Truely** (AK12)

Champion Team GGWP


Left to Right: Dimacali, Ramiver L. –iverD (AK12), Kenneth Fajardo TeepeeiiSmurf (AWM-T), Erwin Loyola Whiii- (AK12), Garado Mark Vr. Yywwpohhh (AK12), Timbreza Jim Albert A [A]lbert* (AK12)

In our King of the Hill, it was such an upset that we still couldn’t believe it! Our 5-time King of the Hill winner Maynard Lapuz, aka “Mheti”, was dethroned during a very thrilling final match by his friend and team mate Ronato Jr. Malabanan! Ronato took home 1K PHP and very impressive bragging rights!


Thank you to everyone who took part in our All-Stars event in Pasay. The Online Semi-Finals is getting nearer, so make sure your favorite teams (including your own!) is locked and loaded for the fight to become future e-Sports stars!