We witnessed another epic 7 v 7 Carnage regional leg last Saturday, and we couldn’t be any prouder of our Pasay players!


Cabal’s Pasay eliminations were scorching hot, steaming up the café with some pretty impressive matcher. It soon boiled down to two of CABAL’s prestigious teams: Ancients and Sacrilege! The best of 5 match could not contain the imba skills of both teams, and ultimately it was Ancients who defeated Sacrilege 3 games to none to become Cabal’s Pasay Regional Representative.


Ancients moves to the Online Semi-Finals together with Onitenshi, Acolytes, T8, The Veterans, Dream Team and Aco|Pluffy! But the action may not stop there for Sacrilege…there’s still one final regional leg. And chances are we may see them there again!


Name: Mark Anthony Castañeda
IGN: MaestroMaui11211
Server: Saturn

Name: Jimmy P Cielo
IGN: SirCiel0
Server: Saturn

Name: Exequiel Macalanda III
IGN: xChocobotJayx
Server: Saturn

Name: william Evangelista
IGN: iLiam
Server: Saturn

Name: Howard santos
Server: Saturn

Name: Manuel Gad
IGN: Druidshielder
Server: Saturn

Name: Jhon Cartujano
IGN: xMeg
Server: Saturn