The Playpark All-Stars landed in Game City, Pampanga last Saturday for the 9th leg of RAN Online RANbulan 2015! RANatics from all over Pampanga gathered to witness another exciting battle.



The first teams to start the RANbulan were Team Teds and TeamBa, with TeamBa winning the match.

Team Nominators vs Team Taylor Swift was the second match. Both of them gave as best as they could, but Team Taylor Swift was the better team that day.


The last eliminations match was between Team Relaks and Team Darkness.


The final battle came down to Team Relaks from Strife Server and TeamBa. The match was fast-paced and exciting, and both team wanted this regional championship crown more than anything. In the end, TeamRelaks emerged victorious and became RAN Online’s Pampanga regional representative.