A fierce battle raged at Gateway Internet Cafe in Manila, with many players joining the fray and forming some of the most formidable teams we’ve seen. As a result, the place was jam-packed and we are very happy with the number of people who went in to join the Playpark All-Stars AF Tournament Manila Leg.
There were a total of 9 teams that joined in the event. Familiar faces were spotted, such as the Imperium Pro Team, one of the champions from previous tournaments, and Wargods, one of the finalists of our previous AF Finals, ensuring that this AF Tournament will be fierce, hot and exhilarating!
However, only one team can be crowned as champion, and we are proud to present the Imperium Pro Team as champion of our Manila Leg! They blasted, sniped and gunned their way to the top of the championships.
The Champions of the Manila Leg, Imperium Pro Team with its members IPT*Rai, IPT*BeeJay, IPT*Migzz, IPT*Pro-P-, IPT*Jeszan[A]
 Even against insurmountable odds, Team Gods of War proved that they are as formidable as the champions:
2nd placer
The 1st Runners-up for the Playpark All Stars Tournament – Team Gods of War with its members: Trump, KENNNNNNNN, SilverTaurus, MaRiaJuaNa, b0nzIz
But that’s not all!
We also held a side event known as the King of the Hill tournament! Registrants across all teams that entered joined in the fray and showed that their skills were no joke as they faced everyone else in this special Free-for-All side event. At the end of it all, only one person stood out from the rest.
King of the Hill winner
The champion for the King of the Hill side event – [C]Lyde; together with CM’s Romanov and GM Mihr
Congratulations to all our winners, and stay tuned for more updates for the next tournament legs and other exciting events for Assault Fire PH!