Audition FAM Face Off Manila Leg Highlights

Audition Dance Battle Philippines turned the heat up as Playpark All Stars made its way to Sampaloc Manila. In the Philippine capital, twelve (12) teams registered for the FAM FACE OFF Tournament, all of them waiting to get a shot at becoming Audition’s very first Philippine Team.

After several grueling matches, two FAMs emerged as top contenders – OutCast FAM and Inception. On one side, the 2014 FAM of the Year – OutCast FAM – is hungry for a chance at the ultimate crown. On the other, the Baguio FAM Face Off leg runner up – Inception FAM – is hoping to taste victory. Both tested tournament veterans, but only one must emerge victorious.

In the finals, after two rounds of loss, Inception was able to show true promise by overtaking the lead from OutCast early on in the third round. But OutCast, displaying their championship experience, caught up with Inception in the second half of the round. The lead stayed with OutCast until the time was up, thus sending them to a third consecutive win and sealing their victory. In this best of five match, OutCast FAM was able to claim the Manila Leg FAM Face Off championship title in a landslide victory against Inception FAM.

OutCast FAM – another champion has been revealed. Take on the remaining legs of Playpark All Stars FAM Face Off tournament and join the ranks of contenders for the ultimate title – Audition Dance Battle Philippines’ very first Philippine Team.