We’ve just finished another exciting event for the Playpark All-Stars, this time it’s the RANbulan 2015 tournament in BoyzTrek Internet Café in Davao City! Everyone’s excitement was through the roof!


You can see on their faces that they are eager to win the 7th regional leg of Playpark All-Stars RANbulan 2015.



1st match was Team 420 vs Team Pareng Boss, wtih Team 420 dominating the 1st match. 2nd match was Team Leedets vs Team Farm, regional champions of the 2012 RANbulan and the team that advanced to the semi-finals The 3rd match was Team Canibad vs Team Mraf, who was the second team of Team Farm from DX Guild in Apocalypse server, and the team who also won this match.
While both teams pushed their limits to make it to the finals, experience was still a very big factor in deciding matches, as evidenced by veterans Team Farm and Team Mraf making it to the finals. The finals was well-fought but in the end, Team Farm was the victor and was crowned RANbulan Davao Regional Representative. They will represent their region in the Playpark All-Stars RANbulan Semis.
Congratulations to Team Farm, and we hope to see you in the next exciting regional legs of the RANbulan!