Maayong  adlaw, mga Comrades!

Playpark All Stars invaded Davao last May 23, 2015 for a showdown of only the top FPS players gunning for the title of Davao’s AF PROTOUR Regional champion!


Comrades from all over Davao gathered at Cyberia Internet Café for one action-packed and venue-packed Saturday, with a total of 10 Teams registering for the tournament.

Davao BracketIn a stunning display of teamwork and skill, Team JREEM decimated the competition at every turn, ultimately facing and defeating Team BUKOT2 to become Davao’s AF ProTour Regional Champion! They took home 5,000 PHP in cash plus rare in-game items.

JREEMLeft to Right: MarlouJay Quijano (imickey), Edmar Sunga (SUPAMIDA), Jolly Wee Suganob (Jhelios), Reji Lu Alon ([G]zChase) and Erwin Patino (*Ji-WoO*)

Team JREEM’s members MarlouJay and Sunga were originally from team Amber Pacific (our CDO Leg 1st Runner Up winners) while players [G]zChase and *Ji-WoO* were originally from team High Five (they also participated in our previous CDO Leg tournament). *Ji-WoO* together with [G]zChase wanting to compete again, helped form Team JREEM.

Team BUKOT2 won 2nd place taking home 2,000 PHP plus awesome in-game items.

Bukot2Left to Right: Aljay Paler (Palerness), James Armand Quimzo (-Nardungtutpik-), Junrel Mejares (-wantedlist-), Jazper Tagabunlang (HE[R]MES) and Dhan Edades ([Mr]-Dhane07)

Fun fact: Team Bukot2’s name came from the “bisaya” term bukot-bukot, meaning random selection, referring to the fact that Team Bukot2 was formed on the spot by team member Dhan Edades. But they didn’t just pull team members strictly at random; two of their team members were previous ProTour Davao regional champs themselves~


In our side events, 15-yr. old Edmar Sunga snagged the King of the Hill Champ title by beating all comers, taking home 1,000 PHP plus in-game items.


Reji Lu Alon won 2nd place in our KOTH battle, and he takes home in-game items for his hard work.


Davao’s ProTour regionals have been one of the most fun and exciting events we’ve had so far, and it’s all thanks to you! Thank you to everyone who participated and supported us in this event, and we hope to see you guys again when the ProTour comes your way in the near future!


Till next time Davaoenos! Nueva Ecija here we go!


-AFPH Team