CABAL Online 7 vs 7 CARNAGE invades CAVITE!

The Cabal 7v7 Carnage tournament has traveled from Mindanao to Southern Luzon in search of its champions. Our next stop was the great city of Cavite, hungry and waiting for a chance to prove itself and ready for the battle for the Cavite regional crown. And last May 30, 2015, at TRIC I-Café, two of the strongest Cabal teams made their presence and their skills known: Team VictrixMortalist and Team Dreamteam, who met at Cavite’s Carnage 7v7 Regional Finals!

Both teams were careful not to let the other gain a point, as the knockout system meant that every character killed in that 5-minute match was the difference between victory and defeat. In the end, strategy conquered, and Team Dreamteam defeated Team VictrixMortalist 2 games to none to win the Cavite regional crown!

Team Dreamteam will represent their region in the Playpark All-Stars Cabal Online Semis. They will join the ranks of Team Onitenshi (Cebu Regional Leg Winner), Acolytes (Bacolod Regional Leg Winner), T8 (GMA Regional Leg Winner) and TheVeterans (Davao Regional Leg), waiting to battle each other in the Semis to determine who will headline Cabal’s Playpark All-Stars finals!

List of Winners

Robineil A. de Guzman
Character Name: MavisVermilllion
Class: Wizard

Ryzen A. de Guzman
Character Name: lingeringspirit
Class: Blader

Vincent M. Oblanca
Character Name: xCharlotteDunois
Class: Force Blader

John Jayson Cabrera
Character Name: x0zJAYCEEz0x
Class: Force Blader

Charo Beltran
Character Name: x0zCEEJAYz0x
Class: Force Archer

John Michael M, Aqui
Character Name: baliwAqSayO
Class: Force Blader

Elmer Santos
Character Name: xLSaintJUAN
Class: Warrior