Tuloy ang Laban! PlayPark All-Stars returns for the 2020 season. This is Your Fight. Play it Your Way.

PlayPark All-Stars 2020 PPAS

PlayPark’s most prestigious tournament series, PlayPark All-Stars is back for a brand new season of epic esports fights. PlayPark All-Stars 2020 brings the battle to your home. Right here, future e-Sports stars are born. Wherever you may be, the battle comes for you. Overcome the encounters and rise to greatness. Are you ready to rise to the challenge?
Enter the virtual arena of PlayPark All-Stars 2020 from your home. Pick a battlefield from the tournaments happening this season.

Audition Next Level
  • Move and groove to the perfect beat on the dance floor of the No.1 rhythm game in the Philippines. Battle only the best and rise to the top in 2020 Ultimate Dance-Off.
Club Audition M
  • Let your fingers do the dancing in Club Audition M. As the newest rhythm game sensation, Clubbers get their first taste of ultimate dance battle in CAM’s pioneer run in PlayPark All-Stars 2020.
Cabal Online
  • Dare to dominate the competition in Cabal’s premier league – Cabal Carnage 2020. Make it to the end of qualifier tournaments to join the ranks of champions.
MU Online
  • Mighty is he who can stand the test of armies. Prove yourself mighty in MU Lords. In MU Online’s pioneer league in PlayPark All-Stars 2020, there will be no captains and guild mates to rely on.
Perfect World
RF Online
  • Get the ultimate #SquadGoals by surviving the qualifying tournaments of RF Online’s Elite Championship Squad. Bag this year’s competition to leave your mark in RF history.
Special Force 2
  • Go wild in the all-out shootout that is the Special Force 2 League 2020. Champions and tournaments converge in the finale hosted in PlayPark All-Stars 2020.
    • WildCard 2020
    • Blast Zone Confrontation
    • Liberation Warfare
    • Extraction Crisis
    • Academy Arms Race
    • SF2 Ultimatum 2019
    • SF2 Proleague 2019

The gift of epic action keeps on giving as PlayPark All-Stars 2020 is also home to special competitions to be unveiled as the season progresses.

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