The following rules apply for all Playpark All-Stars 2018 competitions that are organized by Playpark Inc. Read more about Playpark All-Stars 2018 on the website. Besides these general regulations, there are individual rules for the participating games’ competitions. You will find these on the official website and game websites.

1. General

1.1 Administration & Announcements

1.1.1 Anyone authorized by Playpark Inc. to administrate the competition based on its rules and regulations will be called an “admin” or “official” in the following, the collectivity of all admins will be called the “administration”.\

1.1.2 Any news article posted on Playpark Inc. and/or the official competition website and/or fanpage serves as an official announcement for the competition.

1.1.3 Official announcements as well as statements of officials at any place (e.g. competition website, support ticket reply) can ignore or overrule the following rules in order to make the competition as fair as possible. In case of contradicting declarations, the most recent official statement counts.

1.2 Participants & Teams

1.2.1 Every real person – unless officially banned – with a valid Playpark account is allowed to participate in the competition and will be called “participant” in the following. Participants joining a team in order to fulfill the minimum required amount of team members will be called a “team” in the following.

1.2.2 Team names and participants’ character names must not be obscene, vulgar and/or offensive in nature. The officials reserve the right to determine if the chosen handles are acceptable. Failing in which, the team and/or player will be subject to disqualification, suspension, permanent ban and/or any penalty deemed fit by the officials.

1.2.3 Each participant must present PHP 100 worth of Playpark Prepaid Card upon registration.

1.3 Commitments

1.3.1 By attending the competition participants acknowledge without limitation to comply with the rules, official announcements, and with the statements and decisions made by the officials.

1.3.2 Every participant acknowledges the right for the administration to modify the rules for adjustments at any time without prior notice.

1.3.3 Every participant has to show the needed respect towards officials and other participants. Insults, unfair and disrespectful behavior towards anyone will not by tolerated and will be punished.

1.3.4 Every team accepts the official schedule of the competition and declares its ability to be available during these times.

1.3.5 Every team and participant has to try to win every game at every stage of the competition. Purposefully losing for any reason is strictly forbidden.

1.3.6 Participants may be required to take part in interviews, video/photo taking activities and the like by Playpark Inc., its partners and media associates for publicity purposes.

1.4 Gaming Equipment

1.4.1 The administration will provide the necessary gaming peripherals for the participants.

1.4.2 Upon approval of officials, tournament participants are allowed to bring and to set up the following personal equipment for competition:

  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
  • Headphone
  • Mouse pad
  • Mouse bungee

The equipment software (driver) used must be approved by the organizers; non-approved drivers will not be accepted.

1.4.3 Setting up of personal equipment will be done during before the match starts. If the equipment is not set up within the allotted time, the participant will use whatever equipment is provided.

2. Teams & Players

2.1 Team Size

A Team has to consist of at least three to five participants depending on the game’s tournament requirements. Those persons will be called “team members” or “members” of the team in the following.

2.2 Lineup Info

2.2.1 All teams have to provide the administration the following information upon request:

  • Full Legal Names of all members
  • Game/Membership Account details of all members
  • Identity of the captain and optionally of the manager
  • Active Contact Number of the captain and/or manager

2.3.1 Team members can be removed anytime as long as the minimum required number of team members is left and the removal does not violate any rule particular to the game’s tournament. To request a removal, the captain of the team or the affected member himself has to contact an admin about it.

2.3.2 A new member can only be added during the competition, if he hasn’t played a game for another team inside the competition. To request an addition, the captain of the team has to provide the administration all additional information to comply with rule 2.2

2.3.3 If any data about the team needs to be changed, the captain or manager of the team can request this towards an admin at any time. If any data of a specific team member needs to be changed, the participant or his/her captain or manager can request this towards an admin at any time.

2.3.4 If another team member than before should be declared captain or manager of a team, this has to be confirmed by either the current (old) captain/manager or at least four other members of the team.

2.4 Substitution

2.4.1 A substitute may not be a member of another team or have played a game for another team within the same or a higher stage of the competition.

2.4.2 Further limitations to the usage of stand-ins may be declared in the individual rules of the competition.

3. Schedule & Punctuality

3.1 Game times

3.1.1 The official schedule of the competition will be announced on the Playpark All-Stars 2018 website and/or fanpage. The teams will also be informed about the matches upon registration. This schedule includes the time of each match which represents the start time of game 1 of the match.

3.2 Rescheduling

3.2.1 The change of a match time is only possible under exceptional circumstances and has to be confirmed by the administration.

4. Rule Violation & Punishment

4.1 Breaking of the rules or ignoring the order of an official may result in a punishment for a whole team or a participant. The nature of the penalty will be decided by the officials.

4.2. Possible Team Punishments

  • Default Loss for one game
  • Default Loss for the whole match
  • Temporary or permanent ban from the competition
  • Ban from other Playpark Inc. competitions

4.3. Possible Player Punishments

  • Temporary ban from the competition
  • Permanent ban from the competition
  • Ban from other Playpark Inc. competitions

4.4 Rule violations in other tournaments

Heavy rule violations on external Playpark Inc. tournaments may also result in punishments for Playpark Inc. competitions.

5. Prize Money Distribution

5.1. All prize money transfers are handled during the event proper or bank transfer. The prize money will only be transferred to the registered team captain. The team captain has to make sure every member of his team will get his adequate percentage of the prize money.

5.2. Prize money will be given to the appointed player/s if and only if the appointed player/s and the team fully complies with any requirement to receive the reward.

6. Semi Finals and Finals

6.1. All qualified participants who will make it to the Semi Finals of their game’s tournament are required to secure a gaming license from the Games and Amusement Board. This is in preparation for the Final stage of the competition.

6.2. All qualified participants who will make it to the Finals of their game’s tournament will be required to secure a valid passport with an expiration date of no less than one year from the start of Playpark All-Stars 2018.

6.3. Should the overall tournament winner be required to attend further competition after the National Championship, and a participant fails to complete the requirements to travel and compete, a substitute representative will be allowed to replace the participant provided that he/she completes the requirements and have full endorsements from the team Captain or Manager.

6.4. A maximum of 2 members will be allowed for this substitution process.

6.5. Should 3 or more members of the country representative team fail to comply with the requirements, the chance to travel and compete internationally will be forfeited and will fall to the next qualified team which is the tournament’s overall runner-up.

7. Legal Process

Legal proceedings are not permitted.

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