The sieges are over: cities have been decimated, and entire squads were either trampled on, or trampled others themselves. It was now time for a judgment, of who truly will be worthy.

War never ends in RF Online. As months of countless battles have led to the Playpark All-Stars 2018 Finals. Battle-tested champions have risen from the brave to meet at the Elite Squad Championship 2018 made possible by SM City North EDSANVIDIAAORUSPC Buyer’s GuideRedragonZotacFatboys Pizza and PastaPalitCorsair, and MSI. This August 19th, the two remaining contenders will be trimmed down to the only one worthy of fame, glory and immortality in RF Online’s history.

Not enough words could describe a full history of this storied guild built on the backs of bitter rivalries, which then turned into unbreakable bonds. With no shortage of experience and know-how, Exilium is a dangerous contender for the top.

Former rivals turned friends in real life, this is where the story of the guild began:

Exilium is a collaboration between three dominant teams, Mutiny from Bellato Altrax, ClanRogueWolf from Bellato Altrax and Immortals from Bellato Praxis, back in the days when Level Up Games used to manage it.

Immortals, being the back to back champion in 2008 and 2009, Mutiny, 2010 champions and ClanRogueWolf, 2011 champions in the most prestigious Novus Elite Squad Tournament held in World Trade Center.

Bounded by the same principles and values, and over a cup of coffee and bottles of beer, born the Exilium guild.

As three commanding forces now combined into one, the guild is united into making another history. Its not that we are back because we never left, but we are here to create an impact as winning takes talent but repeating takes character.

The underdog Accretians, who, upset after upset, blazed a trail through all the obstacles placed in front of them. They stand now at the cusp of championship, but not without losses – the Laguna CUS had eluded them. Nevertheless, their berserk run as the metal militiamen has brought them to the Final 8 at last.

From having a weird guild name, then we became one of the well-known guilds in Novus server. An incredible Playpark RF Online journey for our team, PouchMyTenis.

Started with a group of gamers from different RPG such as Ragnarok PH, Dragon Nest SEA and MU Legends. At first, it was really challenging for those who played the game for the first time.

After a few months, improvements came and everyone was able to participate in guild raids and PvP sessions. We handled the Race Leadership and was able to lift the Accretian Empire even for a few weeks.

They say that it was really hard for Accretia to win on a tournament but we accepted the challenge. We decided to join the first CUS Leg, CUS Pasig, for us to know how far can we go with our skills. It was an unexpected result that we manage to reach the Finals and became the Runner Up. We also tried to get the Championship title in CUS Laguna but we failed. After a month of waiting for the last CUS leg, CUS QC, we were able to achieve our goal to become the CUS QC Champion. Now that the CUS Finals is upcoming, we’ll do everything we can to become the best among all the CUS champions.

Win or lose, we know that we already won the hearts of many.

Witness their journey head to its climax. Who will we welcome as the Philippines’ newest champions at the Playpark All-Stars 2018 Finals this 19th of August 2018 at the arena of Skydome SM North EDSA. All are invited to join this historic event!

For more details, stay glued to the Playpark All-Stars page and website.