ULTIMATUM 2018 is the biggest tournament series of the year for SPECIAL FORCE 2. Under ULTIMATUM 2018 are three different leagues – LEGACY TOUR, TNC CUP and PACIFIC PRO CIRCUIT – that players can join to get a shot at the national championship title. The fourth slot in the Ultimatum top 4 belongs to the Road to Ultimatum champion of the previous year.

Playpark All-Stars 2018 General Rules

  • Tournament registration and PC rental is FREE. Each participant need only to present an unused PHP 100 Playpark load card.
  • All concerns regarding matches must be reported to the Tournament Officials on the spot or within thirty (30) minutes after the end of the match.
  • The decision of the tournament officials and organizers are final and binding.
  • Throughout Playpark All-Stars, participants may be required to take part in interviews, videos, and photoshoot for publicity and promotion purposes.
  • Playpark reserves the right to any photos, videos and media collected by Playpark and its associates during the course of the Playpark All-Stars tournament.
  • Rules and announcements may be subject to change at any point of the competition.
  • By registering, participants are confirming that they have read and understood all the rules and guidelines and consent to any and all conditions of Playpark All-Stars.



  • Registration time starts at 9:00AM (GMT+8) at the tournament venue and ends at 11:00AM (GMT+8).
  • The tournament proper begins at 12:00PM (GMT+8).
  • There will be NO breaks once the tournament proper begins.
  • All matches will be recorded by the tournament officials for documentation purposes.
  • All players will be using their personal Special Force 2 accounts.
  • A Participating Team is composed of 5-Man Team and a substitute, if they choose to elect.
  • Third Party Voice Chats like Raid Call, Discord, or Team Speak are allowed.
  • We will allow handicap match up to 4 only.


  • Participating teams may elect one (1) substitute player upon tournament registration.
  • A team may NOT elect or change their substitute player once the tournament begins.
  • A substitute player must NOT be a member of any other participating team or an already qualified team.
  • Substitute players meals, transportation and accommodation are not covered by Playpark Inc. during the entire tournament.
  • The administration highly recommends a lineup of at least six (6) players. Unexpected issues for one single player are not a valid reason to postpone matches.


  • Teams, with all team members present, are to report at least thirty (30) minutes before the start of the tournament
  • After reporting in, team leaders must attend a tournament briefing by the Chief Game Marshal and relay the information to their team members. The tournament officials and organizers will not be responsible for any penalties incurred by the team due to either failure to attend the briefing or any miscommunication from team leader to his members.

Computer Equipment

  • Playpark / Shop will only provide what is available on the event venue.
  • Tournament participants are allowed to bring the following personal equipment for competition but are subject to approval by the officials:
    • keyboard
    • mouse
    • headphone
    • mouse pad
    • mouse bungee
  • The equipment software (driver) used must be approved by the organizers. Non-approved drivers will not be accepted.
  • Setting up of personal equipment will be done during the ten (10) minutes warm-up period. After the warm-up, the participants will use whatever equipment are set up.


  • All team members must be present during the tournament.
  • Teams will be allotted a 10 minute’s warm-up & set-up (All In session) before each match.
  • If all teams are ready before the ten (10) minutes are up, they may inform the Game Marshal and start their matches ahead of time.
  • Players should inform the Game Marshal on the positions that they are playing.


  • Communication, either verbal or through the in-game chat service, is allowed between team members during their matches. However, communication with the opposing team, especially in the form of taunts or abusive language, is strictly prohibited. A violation of this will result with 1 warning.
  • If a team accumulated 2 warnings during the match, they will automatically lose the match.
  • Deliberately stopping, hanging or disconnecting during gameplay will result in immediate disqualification. Team will lose the current match.
  • Usage of any external programs to gain advantage will result in an automatic disqualification and will be banned permanently.
  • In the event of equipment malfunction, the player affected is to raise his/her hand to inform the Game Marshal.
  • Illegal or improper movement, not normally made by using the map is not allowed
  • Sniper Limit is 2 only. First offense will result to a losing point on the offending party. Second Offense will result in the disqualification of the whole team. Any complaints rose after the 30-minute mark will not be entertained.
  • Any instance of Cheating or usage of Macro in-game will not be tolerated. If such instances occur while the match is on-going, the Game Marshal will pause the match and resolve the problem. Gameplay is then resumed.


Game Settings:

  • Round Limit: 7 Rounds
  • Game Format: Single Bracket Eliminations
  • Best of 2 maps per set (in case of tie in the match score, points will be the basis. If the points will tie, there will be a 3rd map to play)
  • Max Player: 5 v 5
  • Team: 1SR – 4AR, 2SR – 3AR, 5AR; only 1 MG allowed per team
  • Game Mode: Sabotage, Seizure, Escape
  • Change Team: Apply
  • Team Balance: OFF
  • Kill Cam: OFF
  • Weapon Restriction: NONE
  • Sabotage: Satellite, Hangar, Embassy, Desert, Station,
  • Seizure: Quarantine, Ryokan
  • Escape: Construction Site, Shipyard

End of Game

Once the Tournament Officials has received all the reports from a round, he/she must update the bracket and inform players of their next round match as soon as possible.


  • Before the start of a match, players must be done with their computer accessory settings during given minutes (10 minutes).
  • In the event that any unexpected incidents or situation take place, the Officials have the right to extend the player’s setting up minutes under his sole authority.
  • The Chief Referee has the right to give out a “warning” if a match gets delayed due to the corresponding team players’ fault.
  • If computer accessories that players have brought into are unusable and there is no spare accessory available for its replacement, players will be advised to use other computer accessories that the organizer provides.
  • Any specific bug-plays not regulated yet will be decided upon by the Officials.
  • If a bug-play occurs due to the game client, the Officials may invalidate a current round and rematch the same round.
  • Usage of known bugs in the game to gain advantage will result in the disqualification of the team.
  • Third Party Voice Chats like Raid Call, Discord, or Team Speak are allowed.
  • No voice chats and chatting are allowed after being killed. If being caught violating, the team forfeits the round.
  • In case of any problems occurred during a match, ONLY the team leader can appeal to Officials.
  • The team forfeits a referring match if their total warning reaches two (2).


  • No Item Restriction.
  • The Tournament Official will randomize the map.
  • Only one (1) Toss Coin is needed for each match.
  • The winner will choose between Red or Blue sides.


  • In the event that any delays and errors occur due to matters of PC and game client, network disconnection, and if any; all decisions will be made under the organizer’s discretion.
  • If one player encounters latency issue, the match will go on.
  • If one player per team encounters latency issue, the match will go on.
  • If two or more players encounter latency issues, the Tournament Official shall reserve the right to hold the match until the latency issue reverts back to normal.
  • If a player got disconnected before the first kill has been made in the first round, the match will be restarted.
  • If a player got disconnected after the first kill has been made, the team can request for a pause so the disconnected player can rejoin the game. The waiting time for the disconnected player is ten (5) minutes maximum. If the player does not connect within the given time, the match will go on.
  • If the player encounters an issue with their equipment before the start time, they must immediately notify their Team Captain for the Tournament Official to provide ample time to fix the equipment. The Tournament Officials also need to update the affected players on the situation and the steps they are taking to resolve the issue.


  • Pre-gunfight situation is defined that all players (5 vs. 5) are still alive in a round regardless of how much HP they get damaged. It means a round must be restarted.
  • Post-gunfight situation is defined that at least one (1) player is killed and out of a round. It means the corresponding round is continued to end and its result score is recorded. After the round ends, the following round is played on a new game room.


  • Once the Tournament Officials has received all reports from a round, he/she must update the bracket and inform players of their next round match as soon as possible
  • Players must follow the Tournament Mechanics. Failure to abide the Playpark Inc. General Rules will result to immediate disqualification of the whole Team
  • This is an official event hosted by PlayPark, and the Policies made by the Tournament Committee will be strictly observed and enforced during the event.
  • Violation to any of the aforementioned Tournament Rules and Mechanics, Pre-game/In-game Procedures can be used as ground for disqualification.

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